Quality, Safety and Environment Policy 2017-2020 – Groupe CAT

Building a healthy and sustainable growth for everyone

Groupe CAT strategy is to develop its activity mainly in automotive logistics to continue satisfying its customers, create value for its shareholder, create growth for its employees and suppliers, continue respecting environment and ensure its employees safety.

Therefore, Groupe CAT is committed to:

  • Become a world class logistics actor
  • Become one of the most competitive companies in its field
  • Identify and meet its development targets
  • Meet all applicable requirements
  • Protect environment.

To fulfil these commitments, Groupe CAT Quality, Safety and Environment Policy has the following objectives:

  • To raise customers' confidence level achieving 100% of our commitments 
  • To make costs variable and reduce them, so improving company's competitiveness, flexibility and profitability
  • To pursue its business development by organic growth and the successful integration of CAT's recent acquisitions
  • To develop the most efficient and motivated team in our industry
  • To identify and conform with all regulatory and legal requirements that govern its activities
  • To uphold the practice of permanent processes and performance improvements, to communicate clearly and regularly on company's performance, gaining the buy-in employees to meet its targets
  • To integrate all of its suppliers in our quality, environmental and competitiveness improvements
  • To control and improve its environmental performance in both transport and non-transport activities
  • To deploy the Groupe CAT safety policy across all Groupe CAT sites.

This objectives achievement is evaluated by measuring CAT processes performance, customer's effective service level and Group results. 
I am committed to continuously the Integrated Management System and supply the necessary tools and resources to do so.   

Alejandro Forbes, CEO Groupe CAT , April 27th 2017