Occupational Health and Safety CAT LC Poland policy

Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard is part of the overall management system implemented in CAT LC Poland, which includes OHS and risk management concerning hazards associated with the company’s business profile.
It includes the organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources to create, implement, review and maintain OHS policy in the organization.
This system gives us a tool to assess and control the functioning of the occupational health and safety management processes within all activities carried out by CAT LC Poland, so that we can effectively fulfill the obligation to systematically improve and adapt this system to new conditions.
The implementation of OHS Management System supports the implementation of  CAT LC Poland’s obligation to carry out activities to reduce the risk of injuries, accidents at work and occupational diseases and unnecessary costs due to the occurrence of accidents, damage and downtime in work processes.

The primary aim of the organization within the Safety Management System is:

  • to create  awareness that all employees are responsible for ensuring safety ;

  • to provide staff with friendly and safe working environment;

  • to enable staff to develop professionally and achieve personal fulfillment, and to give them access to infrastructure, resources and information relevant to the objectives in all organizational units;

  • to ensure the fulfilment of relevant law requirements and other requirements that relate to health and safety hazards.

We are committed to disseminating this Policy to all interested parties and to implementing CAT LC Poland Safety Management Policy, and also to reviewing it periodically to ensure its adequacy in relation to the company’s business profile.

Radoslaw ROŻEK, Managing Director of CAT LC Poland LLC, Duchnice, November 3, 2015