Advanced logistics of CAT Cargo Logistics forklifts

Advanced logistics of CAT Cargo Logistics forklifts

Logistics of forklifts means not only transport of forklifts to customers but also a number of additional services that required the creation of special procedures and instructions by CAT LC Polska. Forklifts themselves are an unusual product in terms of weight and dimensions, and the variety of their types makes it necessary to individually approach the transport of individual models. To ensure transport without damage, CAT LC Polska conducts training of transshipment platform workers and drivers involved in service. The use of special protections like belts, pads or wedges are the standards that must be met for the forklift to reach the customer intact.

Full adaptation to customer requirements
Logistics of forklifts requires from the logistics operator not only a delivery without damage but also for a specific hour. Thanks to this, it is possible to precisely plan the work of the service technician who is responsible for launching the forklift at the customer's. The ideal condition of the forklift, timeliness and delivery method are key, because the satisfaction of the final recipient depends on them. CAT LC Polska drivers help to complete the forms and delivery protocols at the place of delivery and to unload the forklift. Solutions introduced by CAT LC Polska allow to reduce transport costs by using the distribution network instead of direct deliveries. Forklift come the majority of the way to the recipient in bulk deliveries on the trailer, and only door-to-door deliveries are carried out with a tow truck. The solution offered by CAT LC Polska is currently used by many leading manufacturers and distributors of forklifts, including Toyota Material Handling Polska Sp. z o.o..

Continuous improvement of the quality of customer logistics service while maintaining cost competitiveness requires a search for new solutions. A specialized logistics operator CAT LC Polska offers stable warehouse and transport processes as well as synergy resulting from the supported volume of deliveries. All this together gives a favourable price-to-quality ratio of the services provided. The individual approach to each supported delivery is very important, despite the use of the distribution network. It should be remembered that each delivery of a forklift is a necessity to adjust the delivery time to the customer's expectations. Therefore, the cooperation between Toyota Material Handling and 3PL in key processes of the logistics system, especially planning, development of services and order execution is a very important issue. It requires noticing the needs and capabilities of both cooperating partners and final clients – says Zbigniew Popek, Logistics Manager, Toyota Material Handling.

The fastest night delivery network
By supporting the forklift industry, CAT LC Polska has also implemented a night delivery service in the distribution system. Such a solution gives the possibility of quick delivery of parts to the service technician during the night hours from 0:00 to 8:00, and consequently the express repair of the forklift. This would not be possible without the specialization of CAT LC Polska in services targeted at the spare parts industry – comments Ewa Karbowiak, Product Manager – Domestic Distribution, CAT LC Polska.

Comprehensive service
Servicing the industry is completed by the receipt of components or parts from local suppliers of forks or cabins, management of returnable packaging and stock deliveries.
The comprehensive logistic service for the forklift industry also includes warehouse service. Within its framework, in various locations in the country, CAT LC Polska stores new, used and rental forklifts. Trained employees, in addition to standard activities, deal with battery assembly, preparation of documentation for UDT tests and verification of completeness, technical condition and efficiency of individual subassembly and components. All this while ensuring an attractive price-to-quality ratio and execution time.

Forklift logistics is an example of the logistics operator's adjustment to the industry's requirements, and thousands of forklifts that are transported by CAT LC Polska annually are a confirmation of this – underlines Ewa Karbowiak, Product Manager – Domestic Distribution in CAT LC Polska.

The complementary service provided to the forklift industry is international transport. Receipts of finished products and spare parts from factories, deliveries to importers' warehouses or directly to recipients in the day and night system as well as express delivery are always tailored to individual clients’ needs.

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