Groupe CAT owns 100% of shares at CVT

Groupe CAT owns 100% of shares at CVT

On March 31, 2017, the CAT Groupe acquired the remaining 50% of Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd (CVT) shares from its partner Carl Richardson. The CAT Groupe acquired 100% of CVT in this way.

Steve Reynolds was appointed Managing Director. No other personnel changes are planned at this stage. Carl Richardson will continue to support the CAT Groupe and CVT.

Thanks to this takeover, the CAT Groupe has 2 fully owned subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, CVT and CAT UK, to satisfy clients and continue further commercial development.

CVT's commitment to the CAT Groupe staff, clients and suppliers will be supported by a high level of experience and industry knowledge.

About CVT
Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd, whose turnover in 2016 amounted to 25,842 million with the employment of 183 people, completed 380 856 transports of vehicles with its own fleet of 150 trucks. Founded in 1997 by Carl Richardson, whose shareholder the CAT Groupe Subsidiary has been since 2011, Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd specialises in logistics for the automotive industry in the United Kingdom.

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