Oil CAT – logistics solutions dedicated to the demanding oil

Oil CAT – logistics solutions dedicated to the demanding oil

CAT LC Polska is a leading logistics operator for the automotive industry, which also provides transport and distribution of lubricants. The company specialises in the distribution of oils for automotive and agriculture, industrial oils, greases, operational fluids and car chemicals, including goods subject to the European agreement on the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR).

CAT LC Polska adapts processes to the needs of the most demanding industries, and has expanded the circle of satisfied clients by introducing night delivery service, deliveries on Saturdays and delivery of the highest priority TopCAT. As part of the services, logistics of returns and transfer between recipients is also implemented.

Distribution from one canister through pallets to barrels and DPPL containers is not a challenge, both in terms of packaging for the retail and wholesale market. In the shortest time of delivery on the market, CAT LC provides at the same time transport safety of entrusted cargo, as well as timeliness and no claims at the level of market leaders. CAT LC enables flexible receipts in designated time slots and transport of shipments that are subject to the SENT road transport monitoring system.

At present, CAT LC serves several companies operating on the Polish market – leaders of the oil industry and systematically extends the group of clients from this industry.

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