CAT LC Polska among the winners of the "Forbes Diamond List 2019"

CAT LC Polska among the winners of the

We share our successes – we joined the group of winners of  “Forbes’ Diamond List 2019" – the ranking of companies whose value has increased the fastest in the last three years. We invite you to read the interview with Radosław Rożek, Managing Director of CAT LC Polska, in the Forbes edition mentioned above – February 2019.

CAT LC Polska has proved that experience does not have to be associated with routine - despite 25 years of functioning on the Polish market and over 60-year history, the company is still looking for innovation and new ways to develop. Radosław Rożek,  its Managing Director, talks about CAT LC Polska's achievements in 2017 and plans for the future.

What contributed to the fact that CAT LC Polska found itself on the Diamonds list of Forbes magazine?

Radosław Rożek: First of all, I would like to thank you for this distinction. I am really proud of how the company has been thriving in recent years, how much we have developed our processes, technologies and IT systems. The success of our company is, above all, the hard work of the excellent people who work for it. The position on your list also testifies to the trust our clients place in us, very often key companies from the automotive, production and agricultural machinery industries. It is the committed and competent employees, along with long-term clients - partners, that allow our company to grow, develop our processes and reorganize services using innovative solutions.

The CAT Groupe, one of the largest logistics operators specializing in the automotive industry, with over 60 years of experience in the industry. In Poland, the company has been developing dynamically for 25 years. What does the Polish company look like in the context of the Groupe?

R. R.: The CAT Groupe was founded in 1957 by Renault. The CAT Groupe's aim was to organize and coordinate the maritime transport of motor vehicles sent to the United States. With time, the company has become fully independent from its founder, although the Renault Groupe is still its largest customer. The situation is slightly different in Poland. The portfolio of our clients is very diverse - in addition to companies in the automotive industry, we also support manufacturers of forklifts, agricultural machinery, as well as medical equipment and the construction industry. We are a logistics operator focusing on clients whose goods, both in terms of the product type, as well as time and quality regimes, require the highest quality processes and fully customized solutions. Therefore we have concentrated on the automotive industry since the very beginning of the company's existence and with time on similar industries, where the quality and requirements of clients are at the highest level. Our Polish branch is one of the largest LC branches in Europe and the fastest growing branch in recent years.

Why did CAT LC choose such a difficult logistics department as inbound?

R. R .: CAT LC is good, where the highest quality of service is required, and the logistic process itself is complicated and requires an individual solution. Inbound logistics requires constant monitoring of motor vehicles through systems and by people with appropriate competencies. For example: we have dedicated people who, even every 30 minutes during the night, send information to customers about the exact location of the means of transport along with the analysis of the risks for the route still to be covered. We provide local (domestic) deliveries throughout Europe using extensive distribution networks and over one hundred cross-docking facilities. We also invest a lot in IT tools – in order to manage inbound flows and to track international and domestic flows using modern applications and smartphones.

How do you see CAT LC activity in 10 years?

R. R .: Well, taking into account the fact that key changes in the economy can change the reality that surrounds us within 2-3 years, the 10-year perspective seems extremely difficult to predict. The development of electric car technology and 3D printing means a reduction in the number of components transported in the automotive industry. That is why we are constantly developing our services thinking of other industries and going beyond the automotive market. However, we still focus on clients for whom the highest quality of services, efficient communication and logistics support systems are essential. Here, CAT feels best, able to adapt processes to the expectations of clients and the dynamically changing market. Finally, in my opinion, we will experience significant changes and challenges in the area of ​​logistics when logistics begins to be autonomous. From automatic ordering of components, through full automation of Distribution Centers, to the autonomy of motor vehicles. Then, the expectations of logistic operators will undergo significant changes - but this is still ahead of us, although we are already working on it.

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