Inbound - production components logistics

CAT LC Poland offers comprehensive logistics services concerning the supply of components to production lines and the management of returnable packaging. We take advantage of many years of experience in dealing with international customers from the automotive industry by offering solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

CAT LC Poland offer

Factory Supply​

CAT Cargo Logistics offers processes fully integrated with customers’ supply chain. We supply  production lines by providing:

  • Direct deliveries
  • Receipts from several suppliers (‘milk run’ routes)
  • Consolidation on CAT LC platforms
  • Notification process management (verification of readiness to receive goods)
  • Deliveries in the 'just in time' system
  • Synchronized deliveries

Reverse logistics​

Reverse logistics in CAT LC Poland means solutions tailored  to customers’ requirements, including:

  • Returnable packaging management (deliveries and receipts)
  • Packaging balance management
  • Adapting to the requirements of 'aftermarket' customers

Dedicated Customer Service team

  • Dedicated customer specialist
  • Experienced personnel
  • Comprehensive  Inbound / Outbound processes management
  • Coordination and control of operational activities

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