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About Groupe CAT

CAT is an independent, dynamic and financially stable group, whose vision and values make it one of the leading logistics operators worldwide.

With over fifty years of experience in automotive logistics, Groupe CAT is the market leader in more than 26 countries and provides everything you need in the field.

Entrust us with your vehicles or parts and we will deliver them anywhere in the world, better than anyone else at the optimum time and best price.

Our customers have chosen Groupe CAT because of the reliability, efficiency and comprehensive range of services that we offer in two areas: Logistics Cargo and Vehicle Logistics


Groupe CAT in numbers


Total Turnover of Groupe CAT

1,65 mld EUR


Number of Groupe CAT

8000 people


Groupe CAT Network:
Network in 26 countries


International Reach:
97 LV logistics hubs (Vehicle Logistics)
100 LC logistics hubs (Cargo Logistics)

Organization of Groupe CAT

The organization of Groupe CAT is based on two pillars:

  • CAT Cargo Logistics, which offers comprehensive logistics services for the automotive and industrial sectors. CAT Cargo Logistics, active throughout the supply chain, takes action from the introduction of the order to final delivery.
  • CAT Vehicle Logistics, which provides management of private, industrial and agricultural vehicles, both new and used. This division also provides a range of additional services such as vehicle storage, preparation and remarketing. CAT Vehicle Logistics also specializes in international transport, domestic distribution, storage and maintenance of cars and trucks. More at:

This simple and clear structure ensures effective communication and delivery of services tailored to the needs of our customers.

Groupe CAT Team

Groupe CAT team has a wide range of skills - from designing transport routes and preparing orders to equipping industrial vehicles, remarketing  and many others.
Versatility  and responsiveness  are typical features of our employees and they characterize all Groupe CAT activities.

Groupe CAT team,  drawing on its experience and knowledge,  serves customers helping them choose optimal logistics solutions.  

Groupe CAT Mission

Creating positive and long-term values for our customers, our shareholders and our employees.

Groupe CAT Values

For over 50 years five fundamental values of Groupe CAT have been the foundation of the business and the continuous development of the company. Compliance with each of them results from the code of conduct obeyed by each employee. These values are the backbone of mutual trust both inside the company (shareholders and employees), and also in relationships with customers and suppliers.


These values are an integral part of all strategic and project activities undertaken by CAT LC Poland.



Groupe CAT continues its global development following the plan for 2013-2016.


Groupe CAT begins operating in Morocco and India.


Groupe CAT continues its development and establishes new partnership with Suardiaz. A company dealing with short sea shipping called SCSC completes CAT Vehicle Logistics activities in Europe.


Manuel Antelo becomes a shareholder of Groupe CAT as of 31 December 2008. Establishment of CAT LC in Lithuania, offering a complex logistics service for the automotive industry.


VSI becomes a new shareholder of GAL, the owner of CAT. Drawing on strength and support of its new shareholders, CAT aims to develop its activities in India, North Africa and Eastern countries. Establishment of CAT LC in Ukraine, a subsidiary focused on a logistics service for the automotive industry.


CAT Groupe expands into the fast growing markets of Eastern Europe. A new subsidiary is set up in Ukraine, following a contract with Honda, Toyota and Yamaha for spare parts distribution. In Slovakia, CAT sets up Automobile Logistics Slovakia which wins a logistics contract for servicing vehicles produced by the Kia plant in Zilina.


Groupe CAT is formally divided into two divisions: CAT LC (Logistics Cargo) and CAT LV (Logistics Vehicle). Renault extends its spare parts logistics contracts with CAT in 11 European countries. CAT strengthens its vehicle-logistics position in Italy by creating MERCAT, a joint venture with the Mercurio Group.


After signing contracts with Mitsubishi, Nissan and Volvo Cars, in 2004 CAT starts cooperation with BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Scania and Toyota. With the creation of CAT-WWL Logistics in South Africa, CAT enters the African continent. CAT LC also starts its operations in Croatia, the subsidiary focused on logistics services for the automotive industry customers.


An international logistics group becomes a new owner of CAT. Thus, the company becomes an independent logistics leader within the automotive industry, taking advantage of the knowledge of its shareholders. This new status allows the company to introduce global service offer for its customers and obtain wide geographical range.


CAT Slovenia is opened, which offers a complex logistics service for the automotive industry.


Being a pioneer in using IT solutions in logistics, CAT introduces Districat, an automatic positioning management system which tracks the whereabouts of a vehicle in the depot.


A contract for the distribution of Kawasaki motorcycles in France means the beginning of new activities of Logistics Cargo (LC) Division.


CAT extends its offer introducing spare parts logistics. Currently this activity is the responsibility of Logistics Cargo Division (LC)CAT.


Establishment of the first CAT subsidiary – CAT Belgium.


CAT introduces first additional services related to transport: storing and preparing vehicles for distribution.


CAT starts distribution of Renault cars in Europe.


Renault establishes Compagnie d’Affrerement et de Transport (CAT). The aim of this new company is to organize and coordinate the marine transport of new Renault model, 4cv, shipped to the United States.

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