Forklifts manufacturers and distributors

CAT LC Poland organizes a full logistic service for manufacturers and distributors of forklifts. On the basis of long-term cooperation with this industry CAT LC Poland has adapted to the requirements of the sector - both in the distribution of a wide range of warehouse equipment, as well as spare parts.

CAT LC Poland has prepared special safeguards and implemented instructions and procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality. The company also guarantees access to a diverse fleet in terms of capacity, including special type of tow cars, cars equipped with self-unloading lifts.

The offer has also been extended with a forklift maintenance service, providing what is most important: the possibility of quick delivery of parts to the service location, and consequently a quick repair of the forklift truck. A serviceman placing an order on an urgent part in the afternoon can be sure that the next day in the morning (at 8 am) the ordered item will be at his disposal. Delivery in this mode has become possible thanks to a narrow specialization. The distribution includes standard loads containing gaskets, batteries, wheels, but also loads requiring special handling such as big order picker forklifts and counterbalance forklift trucks.

Comprehensive logistics service for the customers of this sector, in addition to the innovative night deliveries and the normal distribution on a daily basis, comprises also deliveries of stock parts from main warehouses, forklifts from factories located in Europe to customers in Poland, as well as service storage in CAT LC Poland warehouses.

By choosing CAT LC Poland, our customers gain experience of over two decades of optimizing supply chains for our customers in Poland supported by numerous references.

We kindly invite you to cooperate with us.

Added Value


  • Specialist vehicles (trailers)
  • Night deliveries to technicians, additional protection of forklifts during transport (belts, etc)
  • The service of additional delivery and reception documents (e.g.: handover sheet)
  • Handling customers' deliveries with or without a ramp
  • Direct transport and with the use of CAT LC network (combined transports)

Warehousing and Distribution:

  • Handling mobile and immobile forklifts


  • Battery charging
  • Installation of batteries
  • Small refinishing
  • Inspections from the Office of Technical Inspections

International transport:

  • Deliveries to subsidiaries and directly to recipients
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