CAT LC Poland employees - career examples



My adventure with CAT started many years ago. With hindsight, I think it was a very good decision. Since the very beginning of my employment I have been actively participating  in building and developing the company in different business areas.
 During my career the company management frequently appreciated my commitment by offering me more and more ambitious professional challenges, including international projects. I currently manage more than 100 workers from the operating department. For me, CAT is worth recommending  as an employer to all those to whom  continuous improvement on the job market is one of the most important goals.



A decade ago, I was employed in CAT as the Assistant to the Directorate. Shortly thereafter I received a chance from the company to change my professional profile. CAT has invested in improving my skills in the structure of the department, which I now manage. I am responsible for supporting several European countries, together with a team I run ambitious projects that improve the functioning of the organization and I have influence on strategic decision-making. The basis for the success of CAT is, in my opinion, trust in employees who - in turn - repay the company by striving to continuously improve their competencies and strengthen the positive results of their work.
 I recommend my employer  with full responsibility and I wish candidates good luck in recruitment processes carried out by CAT.