Automotive glass producers

Many branches of industries require unusual logistics services. It is no different in the case of the automotive industry, particularly auto glass logistics. CAT LC Poland has been offering comprehensive logistics services for this particular industry for years - manufacturers, distributors and importers of glass for cars, trucks and buses.

Dedicated solutions for customers:

  • Dedicated package of logistics services tailored to the high requirements of the industry, transport of various packagings: from auto glass in collective packaging to single glass units without cartons (secured only by foam profiles and foil),
  • Service cars equipped with cartons dedicated to automotive glass, special boxes for night-time deliveries (in the absence of the customer's receipt solutions),
  • Comprehensive package of services ranging from express night-time and day-time deliveries in CAT LC nationwide network, through the receipts from factories and warehouses of the customer located outside the country, and ending with the full warehouse service in CAT LC Poland facilities.

Advantages of CAT LC offer:

  • dedicated package of logistics services tailored to the high requirements of customers from this sector,
  • Deliveries in a unique and fastest on the market CAT LC night distribution system, enabling companies to gain advantage in timely execution of orders (the possibility of overnight repair),
  • Ensuring safe and timely deliveries (implemented integrated quality, safety and environment protection management system),
  • Delivery flexibility 6 days a week (from Monday to Saturday),
  • Glass storage service (storing both in collective packagings as well as single glass units secured by special racks),
  • Long-term experience (distribution of several thousand glass units a month).

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Added Value

  • Transport of glass units in collective packagings
  • Single glass units without cartons (in foam and foil)
  • Milkrun cars with dedicated cartons for auto glass
  • Special boxes for night-time deliveries (receipt at the customer's location)
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