Are you looking for practical training or apprenticeship?

We also recruit for an INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME​.

If you are a graduate or a student of logistics studies and are interested in gaining practical experience, if you are passionate about your studies and you think you will be involved in logistics in the future and you wish to share your logistics solutions with us and support us in the implementation process of our solutions, we offer you the opportunity to have an internship with us.

We expect that during the interview you will prove that you possess analytical skills, you will tell us about your experiences with project implementations, you will convince us that you are creative and familiar with the word innovations and show that you have a good working knowledge of Excel. We also expect you to talk to us in English.

We will provide you with the opportunity to put the theory into practice, to gain new experience by participating in interdepartmental projects and by cooperating with the team of specialists from the international company … or even with the opportunity to prolong the cooperation.

If you are interested in an internship, please send us your CV and covering letter.

Application form for practical training or internship