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About CAT LC Poland

CAT LC Poland is an experienced logistics operator owned by the international company Groupe CAT based in France.

In Poland, we have been serving our customers since 1994, offering comprehensive logistics services within the supply chain.

Service portfolio of  CAT LC Poland:

  • domestic distribution  with its flagship service - express night-time and day-time deliveries,
  • domestic and international forwarding,
  • transport of international groupage consignments,
  • inbound - logistics aimed at production components,
  • warehouse logistics,
  • TopCAT –  highest priority deliveries,
  • BikeCAT – solutions dedicated to two-wheeler logistics,
  • sea and air transport,
  • intermodal and oversize load transportation.

In CAT Cargo Logistics we attach great importance to individual needs of each customer. Our solutions help optimize the supply chain to better serve the diverse needs of customers - as a result,  increasing market competitiveness of our customers.

More than half a century of experience of Groupe CAT and two decades of dynamic development in Poland enabled us to become the logistics leader for the automotive and industrial sectors. We successfully make use of our experience and competencies when cooperating with other industries and market segments.
Today, apart from the automotive sector, we also cooperate with companies from the agriculture, medical or hi-tech sectors as well as those dealing with lighting equipment, sports equipment or household appliances. These are just some examples of industries for which timely deliveries, guarantee of product safety and reliability of services are important - and for us it is a commitment to our customers.

CAT LC Poland in numbers:​


Duchnice near Warsaw


Turnover in 2017
285 mln PLN


Number of employees:
more than 300


7 locations


Over 50 years of experience and competencies of Groupe CAT in the logistics industry

  • Logistics leader for the automotive and industrial sector, cooperating also with customers from other sectors, for whom timeliness, safety and quality of the rendered services are of vital importance,
  • A comprehensive package of logistics services,
  • Competitive logistics solutions tailored to individual customer needs,
  • Qualitative indicators at the level of the market leaders of TSL,
  • Scope of the international network with local solutions,
  • Logistics solutions optimizing costs and increasing market competitiveness of our customers,
  • Continuous improvement of customer service standards, safety and environmental protection – implemented certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001,
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction, confirmed by good results of the customer satisfaction survey,
  • Financial stability of Groupe CAT.

Local infrastructure

As Groupe CAT, we create a network of 210 local offices on five continents. The convenient location of our terminals and warehouses allows us to optimize the distribution system, costs and time of  deliveries, whereas our warehouses meeting the highest standards provide safety and high quality of services.


CAT LC Poland hires experienced employees who know and comply with the laws and regulations connected with the tasks and activities performed in their professional mission.

Almost 300 employees of CAT LC Poland, both permanent and temporary ones, compose a team of specialists focused on the needs of customers and are one of the pillars of the company.

Regardless of their position or assigned tasks, employees of CAT LC Poland show a full commitment, responsibility and professionalism and are able to advise you on choosing the optimal logistics solutions. 

Quality, environment and safety

In CAT LC Poland we put special emphasis on the quality of services provided. We act so as to fulfil the growing and clearly defined expectations of our customers.

Quality, environment and safety in CAT LC Poland

Thanks to the continuous work on improvement and development of Management Systems, CAT LC Poland obtained the certification of Integrated Management System complying with the requirements of the following norms:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
See the policy of quality, environment and safety, 2017-2020 - Groupe CAT

Why do we care about the ENVIRONMENT?

As a logistics company we influence the environment by: emitting fumes, generating noise, acquiring land for building warehouses and loading platforms, producing waste, etc. By being environmentally-friendly, we want to give back what we took from nature.

Fleet and the ENVIRONMENT

From the point of view of ecology, it is important to monitor the technical condition of the subcontractors’ fleet and to take preventive action aimed at preventing accidents which could have an impact on environmental pollution.

How do we ensure the SAFETY OF GOODS?

CAT LC Poland has the AEO certificate in the area of safety and security, which is a confirmation that it is a reliable partner for the European Union customs administration and means that the company has a number of benefits when making business transactions with foreign countries.


An Integrated Management System is a tool for us to assess and control occupational health and safety. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases and unnecessary costs caused by, among others, material damage and downtime in work processes.

See CAT LC Poland policy of occupational health and safety policy


ISO 9001

Ensuring the highest standards of quality of services to customers and being committed to continuous improvement.

First certification 31 August 2004.

ISO 14001

Ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations, the implementation of services with respect for the environment, raising environmental awareness among the employees and co-workers.

First certification 3 August  2005.

OHSAS 18001

An obligation to ensure safety and satisfactory working conditions by meeting legal requirements and the implementation of internal health and safety targets.

First certification 9 January 2012.


Confirmation of compliance with strict requirements to ensure the safety of goods, facilities and information in the supply chain execution.

First certification  28 November 2013.

Certyfikat TCF (Trans.eu Certified Forwarder)

The confirmation that CAT LC Poland is a credible and reliable forwarder on the European market. For customers, it means a guarantee of the supply chain security, timely services and their high quality.

Obtained in 2014.

Certificate of Business Credibility

The highest assessment of the reliability and stability of the company issued by Bisnode Poland, a renowned business intelligence company.

Obtained for the period of 2015.



CAT continues its global development following the plan for 2013-2016 and starts its operations in Chech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.


CAT starts its operations in w Romania.


CAT LC subsidiary is established in Lithuania.


CAT Groupe expands into the markets of Eastern Europe - a new subsidiary is set up in Ukraine and Automobile Logistics Slovakia is established in Slovakia.


CAT starts its operations in Croatia.


CAT subsidiary in Poland is established.


CAT Belgium, the company's first subsidiary, is established.


Renault establishes Compagnie d’Affrerement et de Transport (CAT). The aim of this new company is to organize and coordinate the marine transport of new Renault model, 4cv, shipped to the United States.

For Media

Media representatives are kindly invited to cooperate with us and we encourage you to become acquainted with the information concerning CAT LC Poland LLC  which can be found in the News.

Media representatives are  welcome to contact us:

Dariusz Petrykowski
Marketing and Sales Support Manager
CAT LC Polska
+48 22 7217841

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